Waves of the Heart

Tegan Quin

I feel so laaaaaaazzzzzyyyy. Sorry about that. Back from hiatus! Ha, you’ve heard that before.

Also, I’ve had the craziest weekend ever and let’s just say my emotions are a little unhinged right now.

But you know what I do when my emotions are ranging from 1-10 on a scale of 1-10? I listen to great music! It stabilizes my mood like nothing else can.

At first today I was listening to happy, peppy songs to try and make myself feel happy and peppy, but it wasn’t until I listened to How, by Regina Spektor that I really started to feel better. And no, that song is not indicative of what happened this weekend. The other song that made me feel better was Whole Love, by Wilco. But neither of those are today’s songs. If you’d be so kind as to remember I’ve already posted about Wilco, and even that exact song! C’mon, memories people.

Ha, just kidding . . . I don’t even remember what I’ve posted about. But I know what I’m posting about today!

Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart, by Against Me! ft Tegan Quin (of Tegan and Sara)

I like the rock n roll quality of this guys voice. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t say “guy” but that’s not a story for this blog! I also love Tegan’s voice. Sometimes I don’t like listening to Tegan & Sara if it’s just them all the way through, but in combination with someone else’s voice, I love it!!

Also, just I really enjoy listening to this song. It’s a great song. Enjoy! And here’s Against Me!’s facebook:




Cannibal Queen

Tell It to the Volcano

I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now, which is why I’m so inspired to post on my blog instead. Don’t worry, it’s a 500 word paper. I could literally write that in about half an hour. And I will.

But for now, I just made a new playlist for when I’m walking or driving to school of my favorite new songs. I keep wanting to talk about bands that I’ve already posted about, which is part of the reason I haven’t done a new post for a few days. I just don’t want to listen to other bands right now!

I’ve been listening to Wolf Gang, The Temper Trap, Jukebox the Ghost, Wilco, Two Door Cinema Club, and Miike Snow all week. I know I haven’t posted about some of those, but they’re just too popular, darn those bands. I’ll make an exception sometime.

But today I will make one exception, I’m going to talk about a band I’ve talked about before. Many of you may not recognize this as one of the bands I’ve talked about because I talked about them in my very first post. Drum roll, please:

Cannibal Queen, by Miniature Tigers

I’ve talked about the band, but the song is different. Last time I talked about Boomerang, which is also a great song!

This music video is one that I highly endorse! It is hilarious! Click on the title to watch it, it is worth every second.

Miniature Tigers

I am just so in love with this band! I love Charlie Brand, their lead singer, because he just looks so . . . I don’t know, what would you call his expression in this video? Apathetic? Drugged? It’s hard to tell.

But their songs have such a double meaning in them, and they’re all so peppy! I mean, Cannibal Queen is a very upbeat song, unless you listen to the lyrics, or watch the video. Watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

Very great band all around, and I just recently acquired their album F O R T R E S S. It is fantastic. I love them. How many times can I say that? I love them.

Make me happy, give them a listen, tell me what you think of their music video? Also, if you have any good adjectives for his expression, please share! Thanks a bundle!



Just passed up 1000+ views! You guys are awesome! I mean, I see that I’m getting some random views from Austria and Vietnam, but I’ll take them!!!

In other news, LMFAO is taking a break, and I’m oddly depressed about it. Here’s me, “Not now, Party Rock, I’m too sad!!”

In other depressing news, Psy now holds the record for getting the highest amount of likes on youtube in the shortest amount of time. Yep, the “Gangham Style” dude. What is up, people?!!! And you know what song, ironically, that it just one-upped? Party Rock Anthem! Nooooooo . . .

In better news, I just barely started listening to Wilco, and I thought they were pretty new . . . guess what? THEY ARE NOT! They’ve been around since mid-’90s! What the–

Wilco @ Roskilde Festival '07

Whole Love, by Wilco

That’s the song that I’ve mostly been listening to, and I love it so much! I think it’s great! I know Wilco doesn’t really need my support, they have way too many twitter followers as it is!!

Anyways, I’m too depressed about LMFAO to be more funny today . . .

But thanks again for the view guys! I’m so proud 🙂