Wa-wa-wa-wa-walking Dead

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Who watches Walking Dead? Oh man, AMAZING show! Can’t wait until Sunday! Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!

Season Three Promo: Walking Dead Promo
WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAH! That promo seriously gave me chills.
Ok, anyways. Today’s obsessions: Torches, by Foster the People (it’s truly a wonderful album), Megalithic Symphony, by AWOLNATION (surprisingly good album, but they do slip in some f-bombs, and always right at the end of the song), and the Avett Brothers.

In honor of the obsession, here is today’s great song:

Kick Drum Heart, by the Avett Brothers

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love the piano? I have? Well, here we go again: I love, love, love the piano! Speaking of which, hey, have you seen the banner at the top of my page? Take a look-see. See what I did there?


And I most especially love piano when it’s peppy and great like it is in this song. And would it be weird to say that it sounds really real? If it is, pretend I’m not writing this: it sounds really real, like it hasn’t been processed or edited very much.

As for his voice, it has this untrained, raw quality that makes me love him even though I have no idea who he is. Also, I love it when he says fa-fa-fa-fa-freezing.

English: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Descha...

Speaking of boys I love that I’ve never met: I just watched 500 days of summer for the first time, and I’m officially joining the club of girls sending Joseph Gordon-Levitt valentine’s day cards.

Anywaaaaaaaaays, listen to that song, it’s really super fantastic!



The Real You is a Real Band!



Today’s song is one that I’ve been listening to for years, but I have never in my life (before today) heard another song by this band. I did look them up today, and their other stuff is good as well. For some reason, this song has emotional significance to me that’s not attached to any memories. It’s a weird feeling . . . but here it is:

Unwound, by The Real You (link)

Are those guys dancing?

Sometimes they get a little pop-happy, like their song “What It Means To Love,” but I kind of like it.

But “Unwound” is such a great example of their lyrical prowess! I’m not even sure what I meant by that . . . Their lyrics are pretty, though. Kind of poetic. I just really like the lyrics of this chorus, they’re a little bit heartbreaking.

Back in March, The Real You said they were working on new material, so hopefully that means a new album sometime soon, but let’s just say I’m not holding my breath. UPDATE: I could erase what I just wrote, but I’ll just update instead. I finally found their twitter after a long, arduous search, and they tweeted a couple days ago that they were recording new material. Well would you look at that! The Real You is a real band!

But I love their stuff! I always appreciate a band that makes use of the classical instruments, and they have some great piano sprinkled throughout their songs. Liberally sprinkled. I think they refer to themselves as “Piano Pop/Rock” so yeah, I guess I would say that the piano is liberally applied to their songs.

Luckily, I am now following them on Twitter, so I will eagerly await their album! If you want to listen to more of their music, here’s their facebook profile: (link)

And hey, shout out to you guys! I passed another 100 views in record time and had my all-time high for views the other day! Thanks a bundle!