Hipsters Vs Oldsters

Sorry about changing the format of my blog, I’m trying to find one that fits perfectly. So let me know if you really like something I change it to, I would appreciate the feedback.

So who watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics today?

Not me. Or at least not yet. It’s recorded, I’ll do it later.

But guess what guys? I might have some freelance editing work to do this summer! I’m super excited, which just goes to show that I really am a giant nerd. I’m kind of upset that I returned my rental of Chicago Manual of Style. That book was awesome! It fulfilled all my grammar wishes and more. And no, this doesn’t give you leave to correct any of my grammar/spelling/sentence structure/etc . . . it’s all on purpose. Probably.

I have an idea: I want to do a series of guest posts for Sparklife, the comWikipedia Hipster 2munity blog for Sparknotes. I’m thinking about calling myself “The Hipster.” Not because I’m a real hipster, but because what I want to post about is hipster music and fashion in today’s culture. Also, this guy looks more like Waldo than a hipster . . . but he’ll do.

In case you don’t know anything about Sparklife, it’s a blog/forum mostly dedicated to teen life. They do fun blog posts like “Blogging Pride and Prejudice as a Teen Novel” or “Blogging Twilight” or having interviews with people like Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin. And they’re all witty and funny! Which is why I would be perfect. Ha.

Sorry I’ve gone on so long today! Actually, I’m not sorry at all. But here’s the featured song today:

It’s Time (link), by Imagine Dragons

By the way, sorry about making the youtube links go to Vevo with their ridiculous commercials. I figure that those videos won’t be taken down, that’s why I do those.

Imagine Dragons has more Twitter followers than I normally like to feature, but I really really really like this song. The simple guitar that’s sprinkled throughout the song is kind of addicting. And I love a song with some good clapping. (This pic is my favorite dude from Imagine Dragons. I don’t really know them, but he just looks the coolest. And he has a guitar the color I’d like my jeans to be. So . . . there ya go.)

Imagine Dragons at Bunbury Music Festival

Also, I didn’t know this song was so famous! According to Wikipedia, it’s played in the trailer of a movie, and in the introduction to Wimbledon 2012 and MLB’s All Star Game 2012. And Imagine Dragons played it live on Jay Leno. So basically, it’s like a celebrity. Just kidding, I know there’s people that watch Jay Leno, I just don’t know any of them. I can appreciate Leno’s car collection, though. Whew, it’s incredible.

Tell your friends.

XOXO, Rawrry

P.S. I don’t know if it’s doing this to you guys, but my paragraphs are spaced SUPER far apart from each other. So . . . hopefully that stops.