You Might Remember a Thing Called Love

Cover of "Believe in a Thing Called Love&...

Cover of Believe in a Thing Called Love

As ya’ll may know by now, I listen to songs obsessively. Right now, I have a whole list of songs I’m listening to obsessively. Oh, you want to know which songs? Let me oblige:

Silvia, by Miike Snow

Undercover Martyn, by Two Door Cinema Club

Cry Like a Ghost, by Passion Pit

Bullfighter Jacket, by Miniature Tigers

The Tron Soundtrack

The Boxer, by Mumford and Sons

We Built This City, by Starship

Midnight City, by M83

And of course, our song of the day:

I Believe In a Thing Called Love, by The Darkness

English: Intertitle from the AMC television pr...

Sorry that I only linked up one song, but I’ve got homework to do and only so much time before the need to watch the Premier of season 3 of Walking Dead overwhelms me. Speaking of which, who watches Walking Dead?! If you don’t, you should. RICKTATORSHIP!

So some of you may know this song of the day, it was in a phone commercial a few years ago, and you may have heard being shouted from the white Prius’s of 16 year old girls and their friends.

But fear not! It is a song for all ages, even if you drive Silverado’s! Well, maybe not Silverado’s . . .

Justin Hawkins in Ankkarock festival

Justin Hawkin’s sang a great song when he and his buds created this song. Also, can we just appreciate this picture of him for a moment. Ok, that’s great.

So the song: It’s just so addicting! His falsetto is really ridiculous, but oh so fun to sing along to. Go ahead, give it a whirl. You won’t be sorry. But your friends might when you’re singing it off-key later.

These guys seem like they are straight out of the ’80s, but oddly enough, this song didn’t come out until early 2000’s, so that’s a curve ball for you. But then again, they are British, and I’m fairly certain that England is about 10 years behind the curve. So there’s that. . .

But listen to it, love it, and you’re welcome. Ha! Thanks guys, talk to you soon!


White Rabbits and White Rabbits

Guess what guys?! I’m in a fantastic mood because even though I spent a bunch of money on textbooks, Amazon gave me 5$ for music! Wooooo!!

Is anyone curious what I spent it on? Oh, did I already spend it? Yes. That’s a big yes.

I bought:

Home, by Philip Philips (because it sounds exactly like Mumford and Sons, and I love them)

Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities (who I’ve posted about, and also put it in my favorite songs list)

Kangaroo Court, by Capital Cities

Climbing Walls, by Strange Talk (who I’ve posted about)

Weights and Measures, by Dry the River (who I’ve posted about, and also put it in my favorite songs list)

Now, you may be thinking, Why didn’t she buy Passion Pit’s Gossamer?

You see, that’s a good question. Now I’m not saying that one of my friends has it and that I may or may not indulge in music sharing, but I am saying that I have other means to get that album.

Regardless of file-sharing, or as the case may be, not file-sharing, I have a song of the day! And here it is:

White Rabbits

Temporary, by White Rabbits

In some ways, this song reminded me of Miike Snow, who I LOVE! But in a lot more ways, The White Rabbits have a very unique sound. For example, the altered guitar at the beginning, I think it sounds super cool! As well as the dual vocals they put in there.

Their music video, though, might just give me a seizure. If you have

epilepsy, do not watch this music video. But do listen to the song! These little guys need more fans, I think, because they’re great!

Also, there was a minute of confusion when I tried to find them on facebook. Apparently there’s “White Rabbits” and also “The White Rabbits.” Will the real White Rabbits please stand up?

English: This is a Ruby-eyed White English Angora

Here they are: facebook

And here’s a white rabbit:

Keep it up!


Mumfords, Jukeboxes, and Twihards

Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons album)

Guys! Mumford and Sons is releasing their new album, Babel, September 25th! Who’s excited?! ME! They may be one of my favorite bands. I’m really going to start a list to see how many bands I say this about . . . But truly, M&S is so great, and I am stoked for their new album. Also, go listen to their cover of “Not In Nottingham” from Disney’s Robin Hood. (link). Oh it’s so fantastic.

Somebody, by Jukebox the Ghost

jukebox the ghost

The first song I heard by Jukebox the Ghost was “Hold It In” which is a HILARIOUS song. It’s so great. One of my great friends and ex-roommate made a mix that had that song on it, and I listened to that mix like four times driving home from visiting her.

But “Somebody” is a great song, too. There is certain characteristics that tie it to their first album that included “Hold It In.” Sometimes he does a few falsetto notes, and it’s just great! I mean, there’s bound to be similarities. It’s the same person, so . . .

But it’s just a fun song to listen to, and a fun band to listen to! Give them a try!

So I’m not sure if it’s real or if they did it for the picture on Spotify, but the members of the band have their instruments tattooed on the backs of their hands. Kind of a cool idea, right?

Also, just today I looked through like seven slideshows of good and bad tattoos, including horrible Twilight tattoos (I hope they aren’t too dismayed about K-Stew cheating on “Edward” since their faces are tattooed on their backs . . .), horrible Disney tattoos, and good Disney tattoos.Now isn’t that a beaut?

With much love, Rawrry