Cannibal Queen

Tell It to the Volcano

I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now, which is why I’m so inspired to post on my blog instead. Don’t worry, it’s a 500 word paper. I could literally write that in about half an hour. And I will.

But for now, I just made a new playlist for when I’m walking or driving to school of my favorite new songs. I keep wanting to talk about bands that I’ve already posted about, which is part of the reason I haven’t done a new post for a few days. I just don’t want to listen to other bands right now!

I’ve been listening to Wolf Gang, The Temper Trap, Jukebox the Ghost, Wilco, Two Door Cinema Club, and Miike Snow all week. I know I haven’t posted about some of those, but they’re just too popular, darn those bands. I’ll make an exception sometime.

But today I will make one exception, I’m going to talk about a band I’ve talked about before. Many of you may not recognize this as one of the bands I’ve talked about because I talked about them in my very first post. Drum roll, please:

Cannibal Queen, by Miniature Tigers

I’ve talked about the band, but the song is different. Last time I talked about Boomerang, which is also a great song!

This music video is one that I highly endorse! It is hilarious! Click on the title to watch it, it is worth every second.

Miniature Tigers

I am just so in love with this band! I love Charlie Brand, their lead singer, because he just looks so . . . I don’t know, what would you call his expression in this video? Apathetic? Drugged? It’s hard to tell.

But their songs have such a double meaning in them, and they’re all so peppy! I mean, Cannibal Queen is a very upbeat song, unless you listen to the lyrics, or watch the video. Watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

Very great band all around, and I just recently acquired their album F O R T R E S S. It is fantastic. I love them. How many times can I say that? I love them.

Make me happy, give them a listen, tell me what you think of their music video? Also, if you have any good adjectives for his expression, please share! Thanks a bundle!


Mumfords, Jukeboxes, and Twihards

Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons album)

Guys! Mumford and Sons is releasing their new album, Babel, September 25th! Who’s excited?! ME! They may be one of my favorite bands. I’m really going to start a list to see how many bands I say this about . . . But truly, M&S is so great, and I am stoked for their new album. Also, go listen to their cover of “Not In Nottingham” from Disney’s Robin Hood. (link). Oh it’s so fantastic.

Somebody, by Jukebox the Ghost

jukebox the ghost

The first song I heard by Jukebox the Ghost was “Hold It In” which is a HILARIOUS song. It’s so great. One of my great friends and ex-roommate made a mix that had that song on it, and I listened to that mix like four times driving home from visiting her.

But “Somebody” is a great song, too. There is certain characteristics that tie it to their first album that included “Hold It In.” Sometimes he does a few falsetto notes, and it’s just great! I mean, there’s bound to be similarities. It’s the same person, so . . .

But it’s just a fun song to listen to, and a fun band to listen to! Give them a try!

So I’m not sure if it’s real or if they did it for the picture on Spotify, but the members of the band have their instruments tattooed on the backs of their hands. Kind of a cool idea, right?

Also, just today I looked through like seven slideshows of good and bad tattoos, including horrible Twilight tattoos (I hope they aren’t too dismayed about K-Stew cheating on “Edward” since their faces are tattooed on their backs . . .), horrible Disney tattoos, and good Disney tattoos.Now isn’t that a beaut?

With much love, Rawrry