Wa-wa-wa-wa-walking Dead

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Who watches Walking Dead? Oh man, AMAZING show! Can’t wait until Sunday! Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!

Season Three Promo: Walking Dead Promo
WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAH! That promo seriously gave me chills.
Ok, anyways. Today’s obsessions: Torches, by Foster the People (it’s truly a wonderful album), Megalithic Symphony, by AWOLNATION (surprisingly good album, but they do slip in some f-bombs, and always right at the end of the song), and the Avett Brothers.

In honor of the obsession, here is today’s great song:

Kick Drum Heart, by the Avett Brothers

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love the piano? I have? Well, here we go again: I love, love, love the piano! Speaking of which, hey, have you seen the banner at the top of my page? Take a look-see. See what I did there?


And I most especially love piano when it’s peppy and great like it is in this song. And would it be weird to say that it sounds really real? If it is, pretend I’m not writing this: it sounds really real, like it hasn’t been processed or edited very much.

As for his voice, it has this untrained, raw quality that makes me love him even though I have no idea who he is. Also, I love it when he says fa-fa-fa-fa-freezing.

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Speaking of boys I love that I’ve never met: I just watched 500 days of summer for the first time, and I’m officially joining the club of girls sending Joseph Gordon-Levitt valentine’s day cards.

Anywaaaaaaaaays, listen to that song, it’s really super fantastic!



My Hat Is Off to You, Sirs

Sorry about the hiatus! I went to Arizona to visit my sister, and I didn’t touch my laptop the entire weekend! It’s like I was in a bubble! Just kidding, I still had facebook and twitter on my phone, so it’s not like I was cut off.

During the eight hours I was driving today, I listened to the album Torches by Foster the People at least three times. “Pumped Up Kicks” is still a great, great song that I will stop to listen to if I hear it on the radio. But when I listened to the album today, I put “I Would Do Anything For You” on repeat and listened to it probably 20-25 times. (link) And I’m listening to it now. So . . . it’s pretty awesome.

But that’s not the song of the day! Today’s song is a lot more . . . noble? The song I’m featuring today is by an artist more obscure than any artist I’ve featured so far. So obscure that I think I’ve even met him. I’m not 100% sure on that, but I think so.

Goodnight Sweet Girl, by J.J. Linford

Maybe Mr. Linford can clear this up for me, but I’m not entirely sure if I should credit the song to J.J. Linford, or the Linford Twins. But the youtube video is credited to J.J. Linford, so I’ll go with that. And here’s the link: Goodnight Sweet Girl.

The reason I say it’s noble is because all the proceeds of this song go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Isn’t that so cool?!! What great guys!

And seriously, it’s a good song. Around 1:25 in the video, they add a little synth in there, and I really like it!! And around 2:30, the song gets really great! Make sure to listen to the whole thing. And also like it on youtube, like them on facebook, buy the song if you can, follow them on Twitter, whatever you can do, it’ll make a difference, especially to them. I know from experience that every person who follows can make you feel really good!

Here’s their links:



To Buy the Song

Thanks for your support! (Also, did you like how I feel like I can’t make jokes when talking about an artist supporting a Children’s Hospital? Only funny before I start talking about it . . .)


Strange Talk and Stranger Words

So I was surfing the web (is that term outdated? i feel like it is) and also surfing my iTunes, Spotify, youtube channel, etc . . . trying to decide what song I wanted to feature today. Actually, confession: I have like 10 posts already written, so I was actually surfing around looking for other ideas for the future. Anyway . . . I stumbled across this great little ditty in one of my favorite genres. There’s only a few people who know this, but I have an affinity for electronica and dance music. I will venture a listen for most things in the electro-category. Like Parov Stelar (the father of electro-swing) or Passion Pit (my favorite electro-pop group). So as I was surfing around, I stumbled across today’s song.

There is a band named Strange Talk, and I say this out of love to them, but they sound like Foster the People. And I’m sure (well like 82% sure) that bands don’t like being compared to other bands, but I really mean it as a compliment. Oh, and you know, I just found out that Strange Talk did a remix of Foster the People, so they might be fine with being compared to them. But Strange Talk is the owner of the song of the day:

Climbing Walls, by Strange Talk

Their vocals and guitar sometimes sound just like Foster the People. I call this style of guitar “California Guitar.” It has nothing to do with its origins or any kind of science, but to me, california guitar fits the sound. Anyone agree? For example, listen to Foster the People’s song Pumped Up Kicks, and during their instrumental (starting at about 2:30 min into the song), just listen to that california guitar sound. Maybe I think that because it seems so relaxed and casual. You know, thinking about it, maybe I was watching surfing the first time I heard this song . . . I can’t remember. Regardless! You’ll hear that same style of relaxed guitar in Climbing Walls, especially in the intro. But I’ve listened to this song at least 13 times today (oops, unlucky number).

But take a listen, let me know how you feel about electro-anything. If you have some good electro-pop groups, tell me about them! And just look back through and count how many times I said surfing in this post.

XOXO, Rawrry