The Vulturkey Rises

Today, I was in the car and my little sister may or may not have mistaken a vulture for a turkey.

We’ll compromise with Vulturkey. (I’m thinking about drawing a picture. Who wants me to post that?)

Who has seen The Dark Knight Rises?!!!!!

That is an incredible movie. I’m going to do my best not to write any spoilers here. But the scale of it just blows my mind! Christopher Nolan doesn’t like doing a lot of CGI, so instead, he actually had stuntman on the outside of a moving plane, he built a real batcave, and he built the place underground in the sewers where Bane and Batman duke it out. Impressive. Also, quick shout out to Johnathon Nolan. Not many people know this, but they’re not just Christopher Nolan movies. He always works with his brother, and they do a great job!

I will say, though, I didn’t like this one as much as Dark Knight. I think they made some great connections between this adaptation and the comic’s story, but I think the biggest reason I like Dark Knight over Rises is that the Joker is a much more charismatic villain. Bane is a physical match (or superior) for Batman, but he doesn’t have the personality. I think this movie was just too big to fit in the little details that made Dark Knight great. So there’s my review.

So I’ve confessed this before, and I’m sure at least one person thought I was kidding, but I am obsessive. If I like a song, I will listen to it over and over for days, even weeks. And when I say listen to that song, I mean I will listen to JUST that song about 90% of the time. Sometimes it’s a song, sometimes an album, sometimes an artist. Last you knew, it was David Bowie and Passion Pit. Well, guess what? It still is.

I have barely listened to anything besides David Bowie and Passion Pit for over a week straight! Lucky for me, Passion Pit’s new album, Gossamer, dropped today and it’s available on Spotify. Hooray! But I only have Spotify Premium for another three days. Boo!

So, during the 10% when I’m not listening to Mr. Bowie or Mr. Angelakos, I’ve been digging this song:

Not My Love 2 (link), by Tides of Man

Yes, 2. The first Not My Love by Tides of Man is good, but not nearly as refined as this one. If you don’t like them, then listen to Deas Vail, specifically Shoreline (link).

Tilian Pearson’s voice is like a combination of the singer of Deas Vail and Anthony Green of Circa Survive. And if it sounds suspiciously like any current Saosin, that’s no coincidence. Pearson now sings for Saosin. Fun fact, Anthony Green also sang for Saosin for about a year. Obviously Saosin has a type.

But what is it that I like about this song. Good question. I really like the hook. That beginning just drags me into the rest of the song. Maybe I’m just fascinated with the unique vocals. I love a good high-pitch. Key word: good.

Give it a listen, let me know what you think.

Oh, and sorry about the hiatus, I had finals and packing/cleaning (took an entire day), and a 14-hour drive. Whew! But I’m back 🙂