Favorite Songs

Happy Labor Day!! Did anyone do anything fun?

I went to a baseball game (we won) and we went to the zoo this morning! I just want to say, I love zoo’s so much!! And to all the people who want to release the animals from zoo’s, I’ve got something to say to you!!! And this is it: “Well, that seems valid. However, read the beginning of Life of Pi. Boom! Point proven.”

Musica comprimida  -  Compressed Music

I don’t have a specific featured artist today, but I have been compiling a list of my ALL-TIME favorite songs. Of all time. Favorite. Drum roll, please! Well okay, pause the drum roll, I’m going to list other favorite’s first, and then get to the ALL-TIME favorites. All sources are from youtube, most are vevo, so sorry about the commercials.

Music guitar

Here are the ones that are my favorite right now, but might not make it to my favorite of all time. These are the :

Anna Sun, by Walk the Moon (awesome, hilarious music video by the way)

Queen of the Sad Land, by A Silent Film

Under Pressure, by Queen ft David Bowie

I Won’t Give Up, by Jason Mraz

The Writer, by Ellie Goulding

Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities

It’s Time, by Imagine Dragons

Tongue Tied, by Grouplove

Cry Like a Ghost, by Passion Pit

Boomerang, by Miniature Tigers

These are the one’s that might eventually make it to my favorite of all time list. Let’s call them the “Maybe’s.” Or maybe the “Call Me Maybe’s” hah ha ha Oh Carly, at the same time I love and hate that song.

But here they are, the Maybe’s:

Shell, by Jasper Sloan Yip

Teenage Dream, by Katy Perry (I already told you not to judge me!!)

Halocene, by Bon Iver

Timshel, by Mumford and Sons

Let’s Go, by Cartel

1901, by Phoenix

Free, by the Zac Brown Band

Champagne Lemonade, by Ed Drewett (This song has some great memories attached!)

Time to Pretend, MGMT

The Gambler, by Fun.

Weights and Measures, by Dry the River

For sure’s (stood the test of time):

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, by U2

Into the Ocean, by Blue October

Float On, by Modest Mouse

Slide, by the Goo Goo Dolls

Unwound, by the Real You

Vultures, by John Mayer

To a Friend, by Alexisonfire (This one is a little random, it’s screamo, but it’s the guy known as City and Colour in his old band.)

I Miss You, by Blink 182

Aqueous Transmission, by Incubus

Odds, by mutemath

Chicago, by The Uglysuit
There’s definitely more I could put under the Maybe’s. I really don’t think there’s any more for my ALL-TIME list, but if you have suggestions for best songs in the world, try me. Thanks for reading!