So I’m going to school in Rexburg, Idaho, right now, and today I went to a little street fair/battle of the bands/vendor sale. Awesome right?!

But a friend of a friend is in a band, and they played, and dude, they rocked it!!

Their drummer is David and he has great hair. I mean, like, really great hair. No matter which way he flipped it around, he had this perfect little swoop. Amazing. Mike, friend of a friend, is the bassist, with the heart and soul of a rocker, and it was so fun to watch him play because he so obviously enjoys it. Lead singer: Chase, and he sings really really close to the microphone, and he sounds great!

Plus, they have a legit facebook page! And a legit song that sounds great! So without further ado, here is their song:

The Liar is a Joke, by The Hucksters (link)

This song doesn’t have the energy of them playing live (obviously) but it’s a great example of their talent. At the show today, their bass was a little loud, which I actually loved because bass is always my favorite part!! Boom!! Goes the bass…

I just want to say how much I love live shows! Love them!! Even if there’s only fifteen to twenty people clapping at the end of it. Still love it!

Another band that played that I liked was The Perfection Theory. However, they don’t have a real song loaded onto their facebook, so it’s harder to get a good listen. (link)

If you can, show them some love!! They may be small-town now, but just you wait!


(P.S. sorry there’s no pictures, I didn’t want to steal pictures off their facebook, so they’re just missing…)

My Pet Dragon, I Shall Name Him . . .

I was so sad just now, because I found out that The Uglysuit officially broke up. Two years ago. I really thought that I had read their bio just a couple weeks ago, and apparently I missed the whole section on their breakup. So sad. But listen to their self-titled album, it’s fantastic. I think the way I described it the first full listen was “beautifully tragic.” And I stand by that.

Also, I have been hearing the song “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons in every preview and every commercial. It’s CRAZY! Cute little guys from Provo. I hope they saw the memo that Mormons are now *officially* allowed to consume caffeinated drinks. HA! As if most of us didn’t know that before (barring those from Utah). Jk Utah fans . . . No, jk that jk, I’m serious.

But today’s song:

Love Anthem, My Pet Dragon (link)

My Pet Dragon

So I can’t actually describe it to you right now, because I’m in the middle of watching a movie with my family (in case you’re wondering, it’s Master and Commander).

But I do know that I like it a lot. And if you didn’t catch in my last posts, I love love love electropop. Favorite ever.

This song is a little trippy, but I really enjoy listening to it. So take a listen, let me know how you like it. I’ll be busy eating my dad’s chocolate chip cookies that he’s baking. YUM!

If I had a pet dragon, I think I’d name him Ezalia. I just made that up on the spot, but I kind of like it. What would you name your pet dragon?


Who has read the Hunger Games? Dumb question, anyone who’s anyone has read those books.

I’m still kind of mad at them for overtaking the Harry Potter series for sales on Amazon, but they really are great books. Not as great as Harry Potter, but still great. There was a lot of discussion about who would play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, and they have someone now, or at least it’s rumored. But it’s “rumored” on IMDB, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a rumor anymore.

They’re casting Sam Claflin as Finnick, and while I think he’s pretty young to be playing Finnick, I can approve because I love him so much.

There’s better pictures of him, but this is a good Finnick-face.

Song of the day! Part of the reason I love this song may or may not be because it was in one of the most heartbreaking scenes of . . . I’ll just say it. . . Vampire Diaries! Don’t judge me, it’s a great show!!

James Vincent McMorrow- Mon 10 October 2011 -0391

We Don’t Eat, by James Vincent McMarrow (link)
That’s where I heard it first, and I’ve loved it ever since. I just barely started listening to other stuff by JVM, and it’s all great. This song will probably always be my favorite, but they’re all good.
There’s something about his voice and style of singing that I just really, really like. I love listening to this song because of his voice, but also because of the piano. I LOVE listening to piano. I will give any song a chance if I like the piano in it. Or if it has piano in it at all. At least one listen is the policy.
Give it a listen, try watching some Vampire Diaries, and have a great weekend!
P.S. It was my birthday yesterday 🙂 Ha ha. Seriously.
JVM’s site: JVM

Capital Cities is a Band? I thought they were like . . . cities that were capitals

Well would you look at that!

I’ve had a record-breaking number of views today, and it’s still climbing! Great response to a great song with a lot of meaning and someone trying to make a difference! You guys are awesome!!

If you didn’t see the post yesterday, check it out: My Hat Is Off to You, Sirs

And today’s featured song is:

Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities

Here’s the song:

And the rest of their website:


I heard it today on Sirius radio, and I was like, “HEY! GREAT SONG SIRIUS RADIO!” And just like it’s written, I definitely yelled that in my car.

And hey, I just looked at their Twitter, and apparently Sirius playing their song is a new thing. TAKE THAT SIRIUS! I knew the song before you.

I love this song so much! When I first got Spotify and I had premium, which I so desperately wish I didn’t have to pay for, I listened to this song about a cajillion times in a row. And I’m serious, a cajillion.

For some reason, the trumpet in this song just mesmerizes me. I could probably listen to a loop of just the trumpet playing in this song and be happy for hours on end. Weird, I know.

The beat of this song is just so contagious and I love this guy’s voice, but mostly his style of singing. Especially at the end of the song where he’s singing “We’re safe and sound” a couple times in a row and you can hear him in the background, too. For some other weird reason, I just love that part, too. (It starts around minute 2:45)

Plus, their album art is a mammoth wearing sunglasses suspended by a zeppelin. . . so basically how can they not be cool?

And like I’ve said, I think the genre that I was always meant to love and wallow in is electropop. I just love it!

Also, if you like Muse, listen to their new song “Madness.” It’s been in my head all day.


Concussions and All That Jazz

I hope everyone has seen Disney’s Princess and the Frog, because this band will be awesome to you.

State Hotel, by Blair Crimmins & the Hookers


So Blair Crimmins is considered Blues/Jazz/Showtunes, and I think that encompasses it pretty well. It reminds me so strongly of a cross between Big Band Jazz and the kind of jazz that the Prince plays in Princess and the Frog. New Orleans Jazz! Jazz, jazz music! (Get that quote?!)

I just love their plucky banjo and sassy trumpet playing! Also, Blair Crimmins has a great, expressive, showtuney voice.

So I just read this amazing, hilarious article about how he ended up creating this band and this unique sound. Here’s the link, but long story short, he was in an alternative rock band when he fell off a skateboard and was in a mini-coma for three days. When he woke up, he no longer liked rock and decided to create music that was “for everyone.” And so he came to create this band so reminiscent of the 1920’s.

New hero? For sure! I’m kind of in love with their sound and with Blair Crimmins in general. What a phenomenal person!

Here’s the rest of their songs if  you want to listen, which I highly recommend: Ditties

Have fun!


Fun in Japan


Congratulations to Fun.! They have a second #1 hit, “Some Nights” and it is a great song! Not as great, in my opinion, as “Carry On” but it’s decent enough. (So, I asked my sister, “Should I start this post with anything more fun?” But then I just started laughing. Involuntary pun!)

Is anyone surprised that Florence + the Machine has more followers than Fun. and Gotye? Combined? Ok, not combined, but it gets pretty dang close. I feel like I hear both Fun. and Gotye on the radio way more than Flo + Ma (is that a good nickname? It looks horrible.)

So the band that I’m featuring today is an up and coming band (according to some source that no one should try to verify) that has a few really great songs! And this is one of them:

The House That Heaven Built (link), by Japandroids


The Canadian, this is for you! These guys are from your homeland.

I love this song because it’s a little bit rock-n-roll and I love that little O-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh that they do. Oh yeah, I just did that. But this song definitely sings to the rock side of my heart. As opposed to the granite side . . .

Also, I just looked up the lyrics because it’s a tad bit hard to understand them, and they’re pretty great! My eccentric english teacher used to play us random songs that were all really old because they had good poetry, but they were just so outdated. I should send this song to him . . . ha, yeah, I’ll do that later. NOT! I’m bringin’ that back.

So take a listen, like them on facebook, show ’em some love!

❤ Rawrry