Sinners need to touch guitars… wait what?

Welcome back! Right? That’s an appropriate greeting, yeah? I’m too excited to ramble, so let me just say: Do yourself a favor and listen to City and Colour. Or if you’re more hardcore, Alexisonfire. Same person! Awesome, I know right? But Dallas Green is so talented. Also, City and Colour is playing in a city near me this weekend, but I’m a poor college student with no money for gas or concert tickets, so that takes care of that. But also, I’m impressed with average-looking dudes with hot wives (no offense if you think Dallas Green is gorgeous). Leah Miller is a babe, though, good work, Dallas.

Alright, so I love City and Colour and Alexisonfire, but neither of those are the inspiration for today’s song. Maybe another day, but today I have got to talk about this song because I cannot get it out of my head:

Guitars Need a Sinner’s Touch, by Computer vs. Banjo

What gets me most about this song? Well, there’s a number of things that I love about it. First of all, I will listen to almost anything with a banjo (Notice I said ALMOST anything . . . bluegrass can be good, but I have my limits) and these guys have banjo in the name of their band! Sidenote: Speaking of banjos, does anyone watch Swamp People? Fascinating show, absolutely fascinating. what is better than hicks hunting alligators with their hands? My favorite guy is the one who requires subtitles. Sidenote concluded.

Another thing I love about this song is the title. Guitars Need a Sinner’s Touch. It’s kind of sexy, right? And that guitar riff? Addicting. I’m just listening to it over and over as I’m writing this post. Check out CvB’s other songs, too, they are talented dudes (Johnny Mann and Beau Stapleton). Also, they are some of the pioneers of “folktronica.” What sounds cooler than that?! Nothing. Except electroswing, which I’ll get into at a later date.

Go take a look at them, you won’t regret it. Anyone listened to other folktronica? What’s your favorite banjo song? Let me know!!

Love, Rawrry