White Rabbits and White Rabbits

Guess what guys?! I’m in a fantastic mood because even though I spent a bunch of money on textbooks, Amazon gave me 5$ for music! Wooooo!!

Is anyone curious what I spent it on? Oh, did I already spend it? Yes. That’s a big yes.

I bought:

Home, by Philip Philips (because it sounds exactly like Mumford and Sons, and I love them)

Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities (who I’ve posted about, and also put it in my favorite songs list)

Kangaroo Court, by Capital Cities

Climbing Walls, by Strange Talk (who I’ve posted about)

Weights and Measures, by Dry the River (who I’ve posted about, and also put it in my favorite songs list)

Now, you may be thinking, Why didn’t she buy Passion Pit’s Gossamer?

You see, that’s a good question. Now I’m not saying that one of my friends has it and that I may or may not indulge in music sharing, but I am saying that I have other means to get that album.

Regardless of file-sharing, or as the case may be, not file-sharing, I have a song of the day! And here it is:

White Rabbits

Temporary, by White Rabbits

In some ways, this song reminded me of Miike Snow, who I LOVE! But in a lot more ways, The White Rabbits have a very unique sound. For example, the altered guitar at the beginning, I think it sounds super cool! As well as the dual vocals they put in there.

Their music video, though, might just give me a seizure. If you have

epilepsy, do not watch this music video. But do listen to the song! These little guys need more fans, I think, because they’re great!

Also, there was a minute of confusion when I tried to find them on facebook. Apparently there’s “White Rabbits” and also “The White Rabbits.” Will the real White Rabbits please stand up?

English: This is a Ruby-eyed White English Angora

Here they are: facebook

And here’s a white rabbit:

Keep it up!


They’re Not Terrorists

“There’s something odd about Bamboo Shoots. Certainly a band of four brown-skinned boys whose collective faces look equally at home on a terrorist watchlist as any promotional poster is, well, unique.”

link to quote

Where the Ocean Meets the Road, by Bamboo Shoots

I couldn’t find a good youtube video of this song, so here’s a link to their Amazon page to sample them (link). I couldn’t even find a good youtube of their most popular song!! This is crazy. They are so unknown, but so good.

So we’re going back to my electropop roots.This song is great, from the synth to the vocals to the fact that it’s downright catchy.

I’m not sure if this band is doing anything right now. I know they were touring as of last year, but there’s no rumors about them doing another album. A couple years ago they released a song that was for a “new album,” but there hasn’t been much action since then.

But! These guys were discovered when they won some MTV competition about bands on college campuses. Cool, right? And after their debut album, they’ve toured with some great bands! Look up info here.

But they’re great. And here are some other great songs:

Hey Girl and If You Should Die and Wrong All Along

You know, some of their song titles are making me think that they really might be terrorists . . . HA! I’m kidding, I’m only mock racist, not actually racist.


Hipsters Vs Oldsters

Sorry about changing the format of my blog, I’m trying to find one that fits perfectly. So let me know if you really like something I change it to, I would appreciate the feedback.

So who watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics today?

Not me. Or at least not yet. It’s recorded, I’ll do it later.

But guess what guys? I might have some freelance editing work to do this summer! I’m super excited, which just goes to show that I really am a giant nerd. I’m kind of upset that I returned my rental of Chicago Manual of Style. That book was awesome! It fulfilled all my grammar wishes and more. And no, this doesn’t give you leave to correct any of my grammar/spelling/sentence structure/etc . . . it’s all on purpose. Probably.

I have an idea: I want to do a series of guest posts for Sparklife, the comWikipedia Hipster 2munity blog for Sparknotes. I’m thinking about calling myself “The Hipster.” Not because I’m a real hipster, but because what I want to post about is hipster music and fashion in today’s culture. Also, this guy looks more like Waldo than a hipster . . . but he’ll do.

In case you don’t know anything about Sparklife, it’s a blog/forum mostly dedicated to teen life. They do fun blog posts like “Blogging Pride and Prejudice as a Teen Novel” or “Blogging Twilight” or having interviews with people like Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin. And they’re all witty and funny! Which is why I would be perfect. Ha.

Sorry I’ve gone on so long today! Actually, I’m not sorry at all. But here’s the featured song today:

It’s Time (link), by Imagine Dragons

By the way, sorry about making the youtube links go to Vevo with their ridiculous commercials. I figure that those videos won’t be taken down, that’s why I do those.

Imagine Dragons has more Twitter followers than I normally like to feature, but I really really really like this song. The simple guitar that’s sprinkled throughout the song is kind of addicting. And I love a song with some good clapping. (This pic is my favorite dude from Imagine Dragons. I don’t really know them, but he just looks the coolest. And he has a guitar the color I’d like my jeans to be. So . . . there ya go.)

Imagine Dragons at Bunbury Music Festival

Also, I didn’t know this song was so famous! According to Wikipedia, it’s played in the trailer of a movie, and in the introduction to Wimbledon 2012 and MLB’s All Star Game 2012. And Imagine Dragons played it live on Jay Leno. So basically, it’s like a celebrity. Just kidding, I know there’s people that watch Jay Leno, I just don’t know any of them. I can appreciate Leno’s car collection, though. Whew, it’s incredible.

Tell your friends.

XOXO, Rawrry

P.S. I don’t know if it’s doing this to you guys, but my paragraphs are spaced SUPER far apart from each other. So . . . hopefully that stops.

Penguins!! But they’re in Prison . . .

Or do they run the prison? Those little tricksters. Then again, black and white . . .


Vs Penguins

Hmmmm . . .

So, as we know, I like to ramble before I introduce the song/artist of the day. Don’t expect me to apologize for that. It’s entertaining right? RIGHT?!! That’s what I thought.

What is everyone’s favorite show? My sister just recently posted about the Vampire Diaries (click here to see it), which I will admit is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. You’d actually be surprised how un-guilty-pleasure-like it is though. It’s not like it’s Jersey Shore or Keeping Up with the Kardashians. No offense if you like those. Actually, offense. Offense meant. But Vampire Diaries is pretty intense sometimes. People die every other minute! But it balances out nicely with the fluffy moments.

But lately I’ve been watching a documentary on Prisons (coincidence for today’s artist? Maybe . . .) and it is fascinating! I don’t know what interests me about prison documentaries, or really anything to do with prison (Prison Break anyone?), but it just gets me! I get sucked in. But seriously, what is everyone’s favorite show?

Today’s song of the day, and to be honest, I really didn’t consciously decide to put that story and this artist together, it just happened.

The Worse It Gets, by Penguin Prison

So I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like maybe I didn’t put enough emphasis on the point. I LOVE ELECTRO-POP! You guys should be proud of me that I haven’t done more posts on electro-pop bands. It’s a battle every time. But I feel like I can let it show sometimes. Like today, yay!

Penguin Prison is perhaps the essence of electro-pop. There’s hardly a real instrument in any of his songs, unless you call a synthesizer a real instrument . . . but let’s get real, it’s not. It’s awesome, I love it, and I never want to hurt it’s feelings, but it’s not a real instrument. I’ve have heard that Chris Glover (a.k.a. Penguin Prison) is actually a stand-up guitarist, so that was pleasant.

So I said hardly. In one of his songs (A Funny Thing), the dude uses a banjo riff! Who does he think he is?! Someone awesome, that’s who. And I think he’s right. And by the way, I found that out from a United Kingdom website. Ha, neat right? Also, there was this time that I found the Japanese equivalent of Wikipedia, but it wasn’t wikipedia. That was a good time. I love the Japanese. But he’s got a banjo! And you know how I feel about the banjo.

Also from that UK site, they have an article on PP (here’s the link): These two quotes sum it up pretty well

“He has a lovely bubbly sound and richly detailed quality that works well over headphones, but you could also imagine pummelling speakers in clubs”

And even though pummeling is spelled wrong, the author has a good point. And this one:

“Glover’s vocal ranges superbly from low gruff rumble to girly falsetto while the song skips along.” So true! Take a listen. Multimillionaire is a good one, too. Be careful looking up some of his songs, he’s kind of a potty mouth. Ha, have a great day!

Sincerely, Rawrry

Strange Talk and Stranger Words

So I was surfing the web (is that term outdated? i feel like it is) and also surfing my iTunes, Spotify, youtube channel, etc . . . trying to decide what song I wanted to feature today. Actually, confession: I have like 10 posts already written, so I was actually surfing around looking for other ideas for the future. Anyway . . . I stumbled across this great little ditty in one of my favorite genres. There’s only a few people who know this, but I have an affinity for electronica and dance music. I will venture a listen for most things in the electro-category. Like Parov Stelar (the father of electro-swing) or Passion Pit (my favorite electro-pop group). So as I was surfing around, I stumbled across today’s song.

There is a band named Strange Talk, and I say this out of love to them, but they sound like Foster the People. And I’m sure (well like 82% sure) that bands don’t like being compared to other bands, but I really mean it as a compliment. Oh, and you know, I just found out that Strange Talk did a remix of Foster the People, so they might be fine with being compared to them. But Strange Talk is the owner of the song of the day:

Climbing Walls, by Strange Talk

Their vocals and guitar sometimes sound just like Foster the People. I call this style of guitar “California Guitar.” It has nothing to do with its origins or any kind of science, but to me, california guitar fits the sound. Anyone agree? For example, listen to Foster the People’s song Pumped Up Kicks, and during their instrumental (starting at about 2:30 min into the song), just listen to that california guitar sound. Maybe I think that because it seems so relaxed and casual. You know, thinking about it, maybe I was watching surfing the first time I heard this song . . . I can’t remember. Regardless! You’ll hear that same style of relaxed guitar in Climbing Walls, especially in the intro. But I’ve listened to this song at least 13 times today (oops, unlucky number).

But take a listen, let me know how you feel about electro-anything. If you have some good electro-pop groups, tell me about them! And just look back through and count how many times I said surfing in this post.

XOXO, Rawrry