By Olin’s Hammer!

English: Snowed in Snow on the hill has often ...

It snowed today.

I’m probably lucky that it didn’t snow until today, considering the reputation of Rexburg, ID. It makes me nervous, because I thought today was freezing, but the temperature is still going to drop probably another 30 degrees before the end of the semester. Trimester. Whatever they call these things here.

Also, my earbuds broke, so I’ve been using my big, colorful headphones when I’m listening to music. And I have to say, I look like a baller. Shot caller.

Old-school references aside, I do have a fresh new song for today! It’s not the fastest paced song I’ve ever written about, but there’s something great about it. Today’s song:

Gonna Make You Mine, by Olin & the Moon

Olin and the Moon

Remember what I said about ampersand’s? Oh yeah, I found another one, couldn’t be happier. It’s funny, too, because until about three years ago, they had an “and” instead of “&” so I definitely think they made the right choice with the change.

Anyhow, I was referred to these guys by a friend, and I’m so grateful! I’m really diggin’ their groove! Also, I don’t know what it is about today that’s making write all these throwback phrases. I kind of like it though.

Olin and the Moon 01-12-08005

One thing about them I really like is their folksy sound. Ever since one of my teacher’s briefly mentioned Iron & Wine as being one of his favorite modern artists, I keep trying to find bands that I think he would like. I’m not ever going to introduce him to these bands or make him a mixed tape or anything, I guess I just think of it as a challenge. Well challenge accepted! Here is Olin & the Moon, suck it teacher!

Sorry, that got out of control.

But do me a favor, and do them a favor, and listen to their music! They’re really great! I hope they keep up the great work, they have at least one new fan!


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