Cannibal Queen

Tell It to the Volcano

I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now, which is why I’m so inspired to post on my blog instead. Don’t worry, it’s a 500 word paper. I could literally write that in about half an hour. And I will.

But for now, I just made a new playlist for when I’m walking or driving to school of my favorite new songs. I keep wanting to talk about bands that I’ve already posted about, which is part of the reason I haven’t done a new post for a few days. I just don’t want to listen to other bands right now!

I’ve been listening to Wolf Gang, The Temper Trap, Jukebox the Ghost, Wilco, Two Door Cinema Club, and Miike Snow all week. I know I haven’t posted about some of those, but they’re just too popular, darn those bands. I’ll make an exception sometime.

But today I will make one exception, I’m going to talk about a band I’ve talked about before. Many of you may not recognize this as one of the bands I’ve talked about because I talked about them in my very first post. Drum roll, please:

Cannibal Queen, by Miniature Tigers

I’ve talked about the band, but the song is different. Last time I talked about Boomerang, which is also a great song!

This music video is one that I highly endorse! It is hilarious! Click on the title to watch it, it is worth every second.

Miniature Tigers

I am just so in love with this band! I love Charlie Brand, their lead singer, because he just looks so . . . I don’t know, what would you call his expression in this video? Apathetic? Drugged? It’s hard to tell.

But their songs have such a double meaning in them, and they’re all so peppy! I mean, Cannibal Queen is a very upbeat song, unless you listen to the lyrics, or watch the video. Watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

Very great band all around, and I just recently acquired their album F O R T R E S S. It is fantastic. I love them. How many times can I say that? I love them.

Make me happy, give them a listen, tell me what you think of their music video? Also, if you have any good adjectives for his expression, please share! Thanks a bundle!




Just passed up 1000+ views! You guys are awesome! I mean, I see that I’m getting some random views from Austria and Vietnam, but I’ll take them!!!

In other news, LMFAO is taking a break, and I’m oddly depressed about it. Here’s me, “Not now, Party Rock, I’m too sad!!”

In other depressing news, Psy now holds the record for getting the highest amount of likes on youtube in the shortest amount of time. Yep, the “Gangham Style” dude. What is up, people?!!! And you know what song, ironically, that it just one-upped? Party Rock Anthem! Nooooooo . . .

In better news, I just barely started listening to Wilco, and I thought they were pretty new . . . guess what? THEY ARE NOT! They’ve been around since mid-’90s! What the–

Wilco @ Roskilde Festival '07

Whole Love, by Wilco

That’s the song that I’ve mostly been listening to, and I love it so much! I think it’s great! I know Wilco doesn’t really need my support, they have way too many twitter followers as it is!!

Anyways, I’m too depressed about LMFAO to be more funny today . . .

But thanks again for the view guys! I’m so proud ūüôā


Freelancing and Whales

Guys, I’ve been pretty busy lately! This is new for me, I’m never busy!!

But because of this busy-ness, instead of writing about an obscure band, I’m going to write about a band that I’ve been listening to for about three years. I didn’t find them, they found me! Just kidding, my roommate introduced me to this band. But I was being honest when I said it was like three years ago.

This band is so great! Here they are:

Hannah, by Freelance Whales

Freelance Whales at South by Southwest 2010

Ok, so the link for this I think is the real song, but I’m not 100% sure because my computer is being kind of dumb right now, and it’s not playing anything and it’s not loading twitter. Although I know that Freelance Whales is WAY over my normal amount of fans limit. But that’s ok.

And guess what?! Once you listen to their music you’ll be excited about this. But their new album comes out this October! Whoooooooo!!!!

I love this song, this is the one that I first heard by them and I just fell in love. If you get the chance, listen to Starring and also Generator First Floor. Fantastic!!!

That’s really all I can say for now, because I’m actually supposed to be doing homework right now. . . ha . . . ha. So bye for now, enjoy The Whales!



So I’m going to school in Rexburg, Idaho, right now, and today I went to a little street fair/battle of the bands/vendor sale. Awesome right?!

But a friend of a friend is in a band, and they played, and dude, they rocked it!!

Their drummer is David and he has great hair. I mean, like, really great hair. No matter which way he flipped it around, he had this perfect little swoop. Amazing. Mike, friend of a friend, is the bassist, with the heart and soul of a rocker, and it was so fun to watch him play because he so obviously enjoys it. Lead singer: Chase, and he sings really really close to the microphone, and he sounds great!

Plus, they have a legit facebook page! And a legit song that sounds great! So without further ado, here is their song:

The Liar is a Joke, by The Hucksters (link)

This song doesn’t have the energy of them playing live (obviously) but it’s a great example of their talent. At the show today, their bass was a little loud, which I actually loved because bass is always my favorite part!! Boom!! Goes the bass…

I just want to say how much I love live shows! Love them!! Even if there’s only fifteen to twenty people clapping at the end of it. Still love it!

Another band that played that I liked was The Perfection Theory. However, they don’t have a real song loaded onto their facebook, so it’s harder to get a good listen. (link)

If you can, show them some love!! They may be small-town now, but just you wait!


(P.S. sorry there’s no pictures, I didn’t want to steal pictures off their facebook, so they’re just missing…)

White Rabbits and White Rabbits

Guess what guys?! I’m in a fantastic mood because even though I spent a bunch of money on textbooks, Amazon gave me 5$ for music! Wooooo!!

Is anyone curious what I spent it on? Oh, did I already spend it? Yes. That’s a big yes.

I bought:

Home, by Philip Philips (because it sounds exactly like Mumford and Sons, and I love them)

Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities (who I’ve posted about, and also put it in my favorite songs list)

Kangaroo Court, by Capital Cities

Climbing Walls, by Strange Talk (who I’ve posted about)

Weights and Measures, by Dry the River (who I’ve posted about, and also put it in my favorite songs list)

Now, you may be thinking, Why didn’t she buy Passion Pit’s Gossamer?

You see, that’s a good question. Now I’m not saying that one of my friends has it and that I may or may not indulge in music sharing, but I am saying that I have other means to get that album.

Regardless of file-sharing, or as the case may be, not file-sharing, I have a song of the day! And here it is:

White Rabbits

Temporary, by White Rabbits

In some ways, this song reminded me of Miike Snow, who I LOVE! But in a lot more ways, The White Rabbits have a very unique sound. For example, the altered guitar at the beginning, I think it sounds super cool! As well as the dual vocals they put in there.

Their music video, though, might just give me a seizure. If you have

epilepsy, do not watch this music video. But do listen to the song! These little guys need more fans, I think, because they’re great!

Also, there was a minute of confusion when I tried to find them on facebook. Apparently there’s “White Rabbits” and also “The White Rabbits.” Will the real White Rabbits please stand up?

English: This is a Ruby-eyed White English Angora

Here they are: facebook

And here’s a white rabbit:

Keep it up!


Out Like Lambs

I just had my first day of classes today! I had four English classes in a row. That is rough. And two of them are taught by the same professor, and let me just speak to that for a moment.

Mr. Samuelson: I think we got off on the wrong foot. Mostly because you created a seating chart for college students and then refused to answer me seriously when I asked a question. However, I will do my best to like you because otherwise this semester is going to be MISERABLE!!

Alright, anyways, I got home and I started listening to a great little band! Let me make them more clear, I have listened to them before, but they’re what I listened to when I got home. Continuing: I think they’re great and awesome, but it turns out they’re one of the least known bands I’ve posted about. Here they are:

Honey, by In Like Lions (link)

I’ve been perusing their website, and I’m just fascinated. And there’s at least one member of their band that I would give my number to. . . HAHA, I’m 22, so that’s not weird, right?!

Anyway, they’re great, here’s their website: In Like Lions

Their singer’s voice sounds really familiar to me, but I can’t remember who he sounds like. But that’s ok, because even if I could remember, I know that the sound of their band isn’t the same.

I like the echoing effect they do with the guitar, especially in the beginning of the song. And I mentioned this in the last post, but I love songs where I can hear the piano. Try and listen for it and tell me if you can hear it!

And starting at 1:38 min, I love their little guitar picking. Pretty great stuff guys! One more fan in the mix!


Gang of Wolves

Sorry!! I know my posts have been pretty spotty lately. And I won’t make promises to do more. Sorry, but let’s be honest!

The reason I’ve been absent lately is that I had to pack up all my stuff, drive all day, see some old friends and family, then drive some more so I could make it up to school. Whew! I’m exhausted thinking about it. I actually am tired right now, but I can’t be tired! I’ve been tasked with being social and making friends, so no staying in at night for me.

Anyways, the wait is worth it! Today’s artist is so great! I loved driving my Mom and Dad’s cars because they both have satellite radio. It was wonderful. And then I had to go back to my car where the radio hardly works.

Anywho, today’s song:

Stay and Defend, by Wolf Gang (link)

I love this song! I’ve been listening to it a lot lately! I’ve listened to some of their other songs too, and they’re almost equally good. But my opinion is that this is the best one!

English: Image of Max McElligott from British ...

Maybe it’s the happy piano, maybe the guiding bass line, maybe it’s Max’s great falsetto. (This picture is Max, which should make you like this band automatically. (Also, he plays the glockenspiel, so . . .)) You guys know how much I like a good falsetto. Which is interesting . . . I just watched a documentary called “The Science of Sex Appeal” and it had some interesting stuff in it. One thing they talked about is that statistically girls are more drawn to deeper voices. Apparently I’m part of the minority, because I love a good falsetto!!

Also, I mentioned the happy piano, but let’s give that a little more attention. It’s basically the same chords the whole song, one set for the softer part of the song and one set for the chorus, but I just love it! It just seems so happy!

Also, I love the clapping. I love any song that has good clapping it. Like that song by The Format! I can’t remember the name of it, I’ll get back to you if I find out. But The Format is Nate Reuss’s former band before he formed Fun. And I just found out that one of Fun.’s members is from Steel Train. Also a great band! I posted about them right? I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but I’m pretty sure I did.

But Wolf Gang has opened for some great bands! And big ones! But a cool band, and I wish them much success!!¬†Listen to that song, give ’em some support! And thanks for supporting my blog! We’re closing in on 1000 views! It might not be a million, but I’m pretty proud!

Many thanks, Rawrry

Wolf Gang’s facebook page: Facebook¬†

Wolf Gang’s youtube channel: youtube