Who has read the Hunger Games? Dumb question, anyone who’s anyone has read those books.

I’m still kind of mad at them for overtaking the Harry Potter series for sales on Amazon, but they really are great books. Not as great as Harry Potter, but still great. There was a lot of discussion about who would play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, and they have someone now, or at least it’s rumored. But it’s “rumored” on IMDB, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a rumor anymore.

They’re casting Sam Claflin as Finnick, and while I think he’s pretty young to be playing Finnick, I can approve because I love him so much.

There’s better pictures of him, but this is a good Finnick-face.

Song of the day! Part of the reason I love this song may or may not be because it was in one of the most heartbreaking scenes of . . . I’ll just say it. . . Vampire Diaries! Don’t judge me, it’s a great show!!

James Vincent McMorrow- Mon 10 October 2011 -0391

We Don’t Eat, by James Vincent McMarrow (link)
That’s where I heard it first, and I’ve loved it ever since. I just barely started listening to other stuff by JVM, and it’s all great. This song will probably always be my favorite, but they’re all good.
There’s something about his voice and style of singing that I just really, really like. I love listening to this song because of his voice, but also because of the piano. I LOVE listening to piano. I will give any song a chance if I like the piano in it. Or if it has piano in it at all. At least one listen is the policy.
Give it a listen, try watching some Vampire Diaries, and have a great weekend!
P.S. It was my birthday yesterday 🙂 Ha ha. Seriously.
JVM’s site: JVM

Bravest Mistakes

So sorry about the break! I thought I would be able to post while I was out of town, and I even had some posts planned and started, but I honestly hardly even turned on my computer. We were so busy! My mom and I, for our birthdays this week, went to San Diego. Day One: Sea World! All day baby! Day Two: We got a tour of San Diego, and we were able to go to a very old Costco, one of the original Costco’s, it was awesome, and I just want everyone to know that I love Costco. Love. Later I went scuba diving, and look what swam right past me!!!!:

Just kidding, that was from Sea World. See the little piece of the tank in the left corner? But I did go to the beach and I may have seen a shark! But it also could’ve been a bird. So. . . there’s that.

But after about 40 hours of driving in the car, I’m so glad to be home! And today’s song is kind of a comfort, because I’ve know about it for years, but I didn’t realize that they were still so unknown. It’s crazy because they’re so great!

An Honest Mistake

, by The Bravery

The Bravery-22

I could listen to Sam Endicott’s voice all day, I think it’s so unique and super great! And the whole band’s style is like that, unique and great! I always enjoy their songs. Again, I’m surprised at how obscure they seem, they even have a song on the Twilight soundtracks.

I would go into greater detail about them, but I’m seriously about to fall asleep! So good night, happy music hunting, and I promise there will be no hiatuses. For a while. HA! Seriously, I’m getting slap-happy.

-Raaaaaawwwwwrrry (that’s a yawn)

P.S. Their twitter is misleading, they have WAY more followers on facebook. But I go by Twitter, so they passed my criteria.

Capital Cities is a Band? I thought they were like . . . cities that were capitals

Well would you look at that!

I’ve had a record-breaking number of views today, and it’s still climbing! Great response to a great song with a lot of meaning and someone trying to make a difference! You guys are awesome!!

If you didn’t see the post yesterday, check it out: My Hat Is Off to You, Sirs

And today’s featured song is:

Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities

Here’s the song:

And the rest of their website:


I heard it today on Sirius radio, and I was like, “HEY! GREAT SONG SIRIUS RADIO!” And just like it’s written, I definitely yelled that in my car.

And hey, I just looked at their Twitter, and apparently Sirius playing their song is a new thing. TAKE THAT SIRIUS! I knew the song before you.

I love this song so much! When I first got Spotify and I had premium, which I so desperately wish I didn’t have to pay for, I listened to this song about a cajillion times in a row. And I’m serious, a cajillion.

For some reason, the trumpet in this song just mesmerizes me. I could probably listen to a loop of just the trumpet playing in this song and be happy for hours on end. Weird, I know.

The beat of this song is just so contagious and I love this guy’s voice, but mostly his style of singing. Especially at the end of the song where he’s singing “We’re safe and sound” a couple times in a row and you can hear him in the background, too. For some other weird reason, I just love that part, too. (It starts around minute 2:45)

Plus, their album art is a mammoth wearing sunglasses suspended by a zeppelin. . . so basically how can they not be cool?

And like I’ve said, I think the genre that I was always meant to love and wallow in is electropop. I just love it!

Also, if you like Muse, listen to their new song “Madness.” It’s been in my head all day.


My Hat Is Off to You, Sirs

Sorry about the hiatus! I went to Arizona to visit my sister, and I didn’t touch my laptop the entire weekend! It’s like I was in a bubble! Just kidding, I still had facebook and twitter on my phone, so it’s not like I was cut off.

During the eight hours I was driving today, I listened to the album Torches by Foster the People at least three times. “Pumped Up Kicks” is still a great, great song that I will stop to listen to if I hear it on the radio. But when I listened to the album today, I put “I Would Do Anything For You” on repeat and listened to it probably 20-25 times. (link) And I’m listening to it now. So . . . it’s pretty awesome.

But that’s not the song of the day! Today’s song is a lot more . . . noble? The song I’m featuring today is by an artist more obscure than any artist I’ve featured so far. So obscure that I think I’ve even met him. I’m not 100% sure on that, but I think so.

Goodnight Sweet Girl, by J.J. Linford

Maybe Mr. Linford can clear this up for me, but I’m not entirely sure if I should credit the song to J.J. Linford, or the Linford Twins. But the youtube video is credited to J.J. Linford, so I’ll go with that. And here’s the link: Goodnight Sweet Girl.

The reason I say it’s noble is because all the proceeds of this song go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Isn’t that so cool?!! What great guys!

And seriously, it’s a good song. Around 1:25 in the video, they add a little synth in there, and I really like it!! And around 2:30, the song gets really great! Make sure to listen to the whole thing. And also like it on youtube, like them on facebook, buy the song if you can, follow them on Twitter, whatever you can do, it’ll make a difference, especially to them. I know from experience that every person who follows can make you feel really good!

Here’s their links:



To Buy the Song

Thanks for your support! (Also, did you like how I feel like I can’t make jokes when talking about an artist supporting a Children’s Hospital? Only funny before I start talking about it . . .)


Oh Fitzy, Fetch Me Some Tea

Imagine Dragons at Bunbury Music Festival

Imagine Dragons is not the band I’m featuring today, but I did learn some cool things about them from a cool person, so if you feel so inclined to follow my suggestion, definitely check them out!


I’ve already talked about Imagine Dragons, so today’s song is:

Winds of Change, Fitz & the Tantrums (link)

English: Michael Fitzpatrick (of Fitz and The ...

Not only do they have a cool, classy name, but their music is cool, and in some ways, classy. I mean, look at their suits! Also, their music is classified as “soul/indie pop” so I’d say that’s pretty classy. Anything with soul basically.

“Winds of Change” was the first song I heard by them, but I also enjoy “Moneygrabber.” I just love their classy piano and the sound of his voice, and the, shall I say, soulfulness of Noelle Scaggs vocals. Love the combo!

And it’s one dude that plays their saxophone, trumpet, harmonica, and flute. One guy! He’s awesome. Props to them all! I’m impressed with talented people. Does that seem like an obvious statement?

Also, they’re kind of a good-looking group of people. So . . . they have that going for them.

Also. Does anyone notice how I love ampersands? And I spelled “ampersand” right the first time I tried in this post. I know, I know, no congratulations necessary. It might be tough to notice, because they’re pretty spread out, but if a band has an & in it, I will be much more likely to feature them. Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, Fitz & the Tantrums, and uh . . . um . . . Alright, that’s it! But if I find anymore, you can bet that I’ll feature them!

In case anyone is curious, in the next couple of days, I am going to be sending my book out to agents, so wish me luck!


The Real You is a Real Band!



Today’s song is one that I’ve been listening to for years, but I have never in my life (before today) heard another song by this band. I did look them up today, and their other stuff is good as well. For some reason, this song has emotional significance to me that’s not attached to any memories. It’s a weird feeling . . . but here it is:

Unwound, by The Real You (link)

Are those guys dancing?

Sometimes they get a little pop-happy, like their song “What It Means To Love,” but I kind of like it.

But “Unwound” is such a great example of their lyrical prowess! I’m not even sure what I meant by that . . . Their lyrics are pretty, though. Kind of poetic. I just really like the lyrics of this chorus, they’re a little bit heartbreaking.

Back in March, The Real You said they were working on new material, so hopefully that means a new album sometime soon, but let’s just say I’m not holding my breath. UPDATE: I could erase what I just wrote, but I’ll just update instead. I finally found their twitter after a long, arduous search, and they tweeted a couple days ago that they were recording new material. Well would you look at that! The Real You is a real band!

But I love their stuff! I always appreciate a band that makes use of the classical instruments, and they have some great piano sprinkled throughout their songs. Liberally sprinkled. I think they refer to themselves as “Piano Pop/Rock” so yeah, I guess I would say that the piano is liberally applied to their songs.

Luckily, I am now following them on Twitter, so I will eagerly await their album! If you want to listen to more of their music, here’s their facebook profile: (link)

And hey, shout out to you guys! I passed another 100 views in record time and had my all-time high for views the other day! Thanks a bundle!


Sellouts and Strings

Has anyone heard Taylor Swift’s new song called “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? That doesn’t sound like her, does it? Hahahahahahahaha but seriously, that’s her new song, and instead of country, it’s pop, co-written by Katy Perry’s writer. Yeah, she’s officially sold out. Whatever small amount of respect I had built up for her over the years just got severely diminished. But who cares about her!
Because today’s song of the day is:

Walk Around the Lake, by Lost In The Trees (link)

Lost In The Trees @ Black Cat Backstage

These guys are so talented! I love whenever there is incorporation of string instruments other than guitar (She loves it, too–>). The violin, cello, and french horn just add a little something to their songs and gives them a very unique sound. And I know a french horn isn’t a string instrument. Obviously it’s percussion. . . ha band joke/bad joke!

The lyrics aren’t the best I’ve heard, but they’ve got a great line when they sing:

Late at night

I’ll stay up and write

a book about my life…

…so no one would ever make
all of my mistakes.

Their lyrics aren’t why I picked this song. I picked this song because it’s got a little more energy than some of their other songs. It’s a good introduction to them. Plus, it’s a little creepy, a little epic, a lot great!

And did I mention they also have a tuba? Oh yeah, a tuba.