Fun in Japan


Congratulations to Fun.! They have a second #1 hit, “Some Nights” and it is a great song! Not as great, in my opinion, as “Carry On” but it’s decent enough. (So, I asked my sister, “Should I start this post with anything more fun?” But then I just started laughing. Involuntary pun!)

Is anyone surprised that Florence + the Machine has more followers than Fun. and Gotye? Combined? Ok, not combined, but it gets pretty dang close. I feel like I hear both Fun. and Gotye on the radio way more than Flo + Ma (is that a good nickname? It looks horrible.)

So the band that I’m featuring today is an up and coming band (according to some source that no one should try to verify) that has a few really great songs! And this is one of them:

The House That Heaven Built (link), by Japandroids


The Canadian, this is for you! These guys are from your homeland.

I love this song because it’s a little bit rock-n-roll and I love that little O-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh that they do. Oh yeah, I just did that. But this song definitely sings to the rock side of my heart. As opposed to the granite side . . .

Also, I just looked up the lyrics because it’s a tad bit hard to understand them, and they’re pretty great! My eccentric english teacher used to play us random songs that were all really old because they had good poetry, but they were just so outdated. I should send this song to him . . . ha, yeah, I’ll do that later. NOT! I’m bringin’ that back.

So take a listen, like them on facebook, show ’em some love!

❤ Rawrry

6 thoughts on “Fun in Japan

  1. The canadian strikes your posts again. Haha but that’s great, because Canada is pretty much awesome and should be mentioned more often. 🙂 I’m lovin the music choices as well. You rock!

  2. I just have to first comment that I liked the rock/granite joke, you’re so witty, my dear! You must get that from your older sister (c; However, that same sister is pretty much a cool band *retard* because I’m pretty sure I had no idea who Fun. was….but *DANG*, I loooooove their song! I echo Madison: You rock!

    • I really like my granite joke too, I had Hannah read it and approve it before I posted ha ha
      See, but this is why you read my blog! Because I am a cool band genius ha ha;)

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