AA Meeting- I mean, Blog Numero Uno

Hi, I’m Rawrry. *hi rawrry*

I’m in college, so I have nothing better to do than to abuse social media. I’ve always had a passion for music (and comedy, ha . . .) so, like the rest of my college cohorts, I decided to start a blog! I’ve actually been wanting to start a blog for a while, but until a couple weeks ago, I had no idea what theme I wanted. My sister has a fashion blog, my roommate has a love confession blog, my cousin has a life blog, etc . . . So I started thinking about what I was slightly knowledgeable about and liked a lot. Food? Like a lot, check; slightly knowledgeable……. in what sense? Alright, what about clothes? Like a lot, check; slightly knowledgeable…… do I know my own size, yes. Alright fine, not clothes. Book reviews? Like a lot, check…. well half a check; slightly knowledgeable, read two books in the past six months. Okay, that’s not going to cut it. Music? Like a lot, ULTRA CHECK; slightly knowledgeable, I would say that. DECISION MADE! And thus Rawrry was born.

The next thing I thought about was how much I wanted to post. Everyday is a big commitment, and I just don’t have the work ethic or stamina for that kind of blogging. My goal is twice a week, and I feel like that’s pretty manageable. I mean, i do have some homework after all.

But then I reached the decision of what song to post about first! That’s a hard choice. I love so many songs and they all deserve a full post to themselves. But eventually I made some comparisons, some contrasts, some eliminations (with only a couple tears), and came to a decision.

So! (hold your breath) without much further ado and other shenanigans, but with a slight bit of pomp and circumstance (look up that song real quick so you’ll get the full effect of my announcement), I will reveal my first song to blog (like you haven’t already peeked, cheater):

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, by U2!

Tricked you. What kind of music blog would this be if I only talked about songs everyone knows? U2, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles are great, and don’t think for a second that I don’t have those songs on my iPod, because I 100% do. U2 may actually be my favorite band in the world. I mean, there is no song that you can belt out with full force of heart (and full knowledge of the lyrics) like a U2 song. Challenge me on that, I dare you. But seriously, challenge me, I’d love to hear your opinions on good songs to belt out, I’m always looking for new ones. Just don’t tell me Adele. I know you can belt those out like crazy, but her voice is on another level, don’t deny that. Oh, and she knows it. Doesn’t she always come off a little snotty? I do believe that she’s probably a great person with a pleasant disposition, but in every award show I’ve seen her in, she looks a little sour and she comes off as a bratty bad sport. Woah, tangent, my apologies.

Onto the real song of the day!!

Boomerang, by Miniature Tigers

Some of you may already know this songs, I know that they are well-known within some crowds. But ever since I heard Cannibal Queen, they haven’t stopped impressing me. Speaking of Cannibal Queen, everyone please watch that music video, it’s hilarious, from the dude cutting off his own arms right down to the impassive expression of MT’s lead singer. But I just recently heard Boomerang, and I cannot get it out of my head! I’ve listened to acoustic, live, and studio versions of it, and there is nothing I don’t like about this song. I love Charlie Brand’s voice and what he does with it in this song. You think it’s easy to sing to until you actually try it. Whew! Hard to keep up with him. I watched an interview with him where he discussed why their new album focuses on strawberries so much, and I laughed right out loud! Does it strike anyone else as funny to describe fruit as sensual? I mean, I understand his meaning completely, but still, it’s funny. Take your top off Strawberry!! Ha! Okay, I’m done.

But aside from his voice, this song is so double sided. It seems romantic, but Charlie Brand talked about how a lot of the album is deceptive, because it seems innocent, but it’s really not, and I think this song is a great example of that. Plus, I love that cheeky guitar and slightly jazzy guitar. All around, nice work Miniature Tigers. Well guys, please stick around, I promise I’m funny! Oh, and that I have decent taste in music. Tell me about the songs that you can belt out in the car with no regard for other drivers staring at you!

Have fun this week, and go out and find a new song to listen to over and over again!

Love, Rawrry

8 thoughts on “AA Meeting- I mean, Blog Numero Uno

  1. I think as far as artists that I will belt out Miniature Tigers is up their on the list but Motion City Soundtrack, Postal Service and Vampire Weekend are pretty high up there too.

  2. I love your blog. Also, If Work Permits by The Format. Although, I’m pretty sure any Format song is belt-able. đŸ™‚ You are great! Remember when we were going to start up a roommate blog?

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